How much it will cost to become Batman?



I am more than sure that most of you have played along the time all kind of games that had as superheroes Batman or Superman. These two are the most important heroes in the gaming and the movie world and everyone would like to be them. Especially now since the movie Batman vs Superman has appeared, most people have decided to choose sides and to imagine all kind of fights, see it in action.

Online there are already all kind of articles about these two super heroes, but from all of them I found one to be super interesting made by MonerSupermarket boys – How much it will cost to become Batman? They have created a list with all Batman gadgets and other stuff and they have evaluated that in order to be this super hero you will need $682 450 750 (get more details and information straight from them). I started to laugh when I have saw this number – it’s definitely a super number, but according to some statistics there are a couple of people in this world that can afford to be Batman. Some said that Bill Gates is the most suitable to be Batman (and some fanatics think that he is really Batman) and others think that Vladimir Putin will be more suitable for this role (from my point of view, I don’t really think that it’s the best decision to give him on his hand the Bat mobile).

Since that number is colossal and not too many of us can afford to become Batman overnight, there may be a couple of things that the super heroe owns that in a couple of good years we may afford.

Let’s start with the costume: the custom graphite cowl is evaluated to cost $ 1 000 000, the retinal projection system $ 10 000, the forearm blades $ 1000, memory cloth polymer cape $ 40 000, Kevlar Nomex gloves $ 150, Klevar Nomex body armour $ 3 000. From all these I can say that I can afford to buy the gloves, but you may know that saying: you can put a costume on a goat, but it is still a goat.

Let’s give some numbers to his vehicles: The Tumbler costs $ 18 000 000, The Batpod costs $ 1 500 000 and The Bat costs $ 60 000 000. From his vehicles at the moment I can afford to buy a poster with all of them.

Wayne Manor and The Bat Cave are estimated to cost $ 600 000 000 and to have Alfred as the butler costs $ 80 000 and as an estate manager $ 150 000. At the moment I wouldn’t mind to be Alfred.

As you can see, it’s not easy to be Batman, I don’t want to imagine how much costs to be Superman, but until we can afford to be either of them, let’s go back to the virtual reality because there we have a fair chance to be the super heroes that we love. Let’s play Darknight and we can be Batman as long as we want for free.